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Model Railroad Turntable
I'm planning to use your electronic miter box sketch to drive my On30 turntable.  I'll be using the same, or similar, components you use in the tutorial to drive a 60 tooth GT2 pulley on a 5/16" shaft connected to my turntable.  It looks to me that the only changes in the sketch I'll have to make are for speed and the display.  I'll use the extra keys (ABCD) on the keypad as quick keys for making a 180 degree turn and "return to home" which is the lead track coming into the turntable.  May also add some lights.

Question - does the voltage rating of the stepper motor make any difference when it's being driven by the EasyDriver?  I have a Nema 17 stepper rated for 2.7 v which is 400 steps/revolution.

- Tom
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