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2 axis camera slider using MegaPi, and some of your code!
hey! LOVE your site.

i am working on a slider it has gone through many variations, 
from Erector set gear readuction and a screw drive (for really smooth long timelapse). to stepper motor control using the MakeBlock MegaPi.  
seen here.


i am pretty new to C++ but im getting my head around libraries and stuff.

I am trying to figure out how to integrate your code with the MegaPi library and the accellstepper libraries.   like using my MeJoystick and my MeStepper(SLOT_1) pin assignments to line up with the UNO pins... somehow.

that might not be the fanciest video, but it would be a cool tutorial, i cant be the only one having this issue, but maybe i am!

Thanks for your help! 
Glad you are out there!
Kevin Leeser
Ann Arbor Michigan
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