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Control a 'LOT' of Servo Motors using PCA9685 PWM Module -Chaining
Hello - 

I am working on a project that will be using MIDI and the PCA9685 Module to control 20 Servos. The tutorial works excellent for the first 16, but I am struggling to discover how the code would work for the HCPCA9865 Library in regards to chaining multiple drivers together.

How do I define multiple chips, and spread my control across them? 

Thanks very much

EDIT: I figured it out - but if anyone else in interested I did this 

#define IC2Add 0x40
#define IC2Add2 0x41

HCPCA9685 pwm1 = HCPCA9685(IC2Add);
HCPCA9685 pwm2 = HCPCA9685(IC2Add2);

void setup() {



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