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Dart Game Scoreboard
Hi Reg,
Never got around to making the tutorial page for this one.  But I will revisit this one soon, make some improvements, like a custom PCB and custom case for it, and will make a new video with a tutorial page as well.

Stay tuned,

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Automating a machine using arduino
Do you have the parts selected for this project?  The programming should be pretty straight forward, move the motors, read the value of the load cell, if value reached, stop motors, wait, reset...

Let us know how your project is going!

Thanks for posting.

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The NEW Brainy-Bits Forum is Open!
After many weeks of tweaking and testing, the new Brainy-Bits website is finally up and running!

Unfortunately we had to change the Forum software we were using and we couldn't import the discussions that were already posted.

The old forum user accounts couldn't be import as well, so we invite you to recreate an account on this new forum and re-post your questions if they were unanswered.  This new system also provides Facebook login if you prefer.

As with any new Forum, it will seem very empty at first, but we hope that you will help us make it a success.

We encourage you to post your questions about electronics, coding, troubleshooting and also share projects you’re currently working on.

Looking forward to your posts,

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Let us know stuff!
Hey guys,  the new website is up and running!

But like anything new, you may find bugs or things that seem weird, so please let us know here and we can go ahead and fix it!

Also if you have recommendation to make the website better don't hesitate.

Hope you like the new website and see you there soon,

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Welcome to the Projects Showcase Forum!
If you’re working on an electronics project or you already have one completed, share it with us.

From the very complicated to the most simple, we love to see what people come up with and can be a great source of inspiration for the whole community.

We encourage you to post as much details as you can and use images to show off your projects.

Can’t wait to see what you guys are working on!

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Welcome to the Tutorial Forum
You have some questions regarding one of our Tutorials or you can’t seem to make it work?

Let us know here and we will do our best to get it working.

We encourage all our users to participate in this Forum to help each other out.

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Welcome to the Troubleshooting Forum
If you have any questions regarding programming, hardware connections or just have a project you’re having problems with, ask for help here!

We encourage our users to help each others and start discussions to solve problems.

Please keep in mind that they are no dumb questions and we want beginners to feel comfortable asking for help.


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Welcome to Brainy-Bits Announcements!
What’s New at Brainy-Bits.com?

New products, tutorials, contests, etc…

We’re always working on improving Brainy-Bits to make it a great resource for our users.

When we come up with something new, we’ll let you know in this forum.

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