This is a "starter" Arduino project my daughter wants to was challenging for me to do. Many thanks to Yvan and Brainy Bits for the sample code that was used to make this all work. 
I wanted to help with the mechanical and coding, while allowing room to make changes with operation such as adding "favorites". Even loading the IDE and making changes to sample code will be a good learning experience.
The project uses a salvaged Pelco PTZ turntable...but not the built in stepper.
I instead used the 28BYJ-48 stepper with the ULN2003 driver board. The antenna weighs only ounces, and I tested with 2 lbs of weight and it turns fine.
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Here is the finished IR controlled turntable. It will be completed by my daughter from this point.
I am happy with the results and learned some more about coding thanks to BrainyBits.
Bob D 
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