Luís Moreira

I'm programming the arduino for the project I've shared and I have a problem with the delay of the load cell, because I used a while fuction to stop the motor only when the value that I want be reach. Because of this, the value is reading in steps and the motor also runs in steps.

This is the code:

#include <AccelStepper.h>
#include <MultiStepper.h>

// Load cell Setup

#include "HX711.h"

#define calibration_factor 80000.0 //This value is obtained using the SparkFun_HX711_Calibration sketch
#define zero_factor 38154 //This large value is obtained using the SparkFun_HX711_Calibration sketch

#define DOUT  3
#define CLK  2

HX711 scale(DOUT, CLK);

long loadvalue; // Used to store the clamping load value

// Stepper Setup

AccelStepper stepper(4, 8, 9, 10, 11);

void setup() {

  // Set the parameters for the Load Cell
  scale.set_scale(calibration_factor); //This value is obtained by using the SparkFun_HX711_Calibration sketch
  scale.set_offset(zero_factor); //Zero out the scale using a previously known zero_factor

  // Set Max Speed


void loop() {
   while (scale.get_value() < 1){
If you could help me, i'll be very happy!

Luís Moreira

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