Hi all,

I am working on a project and I need to drive a steppermotor forward and backwards. So this tutorial has got almost al the functionality that I need.

The only extra function I need is a second limit switch that wil stop the motor and keep the position. This would prevent the stepper motor from pushing beyond a set maximum point. 

Some background information about the project :

I have a rotating cutting knife that has to go forward and backwards to cut a piece of wound up material. The cutting knife is being pushed / pulled by a spindel connected to the stepper motor. Since the to be cut material is not always consistent, manual control (forward and back) is a great plus.

The left and right function of the joystick will be used to control the axle on wich the material is wound. (but that will be an other controller.)

I am just starting with Arduino's so any pointers and help is greatly appreciated.
If it works out I will post some results here on the forum.

Thanks all.
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