Looking to build the Dart Board Scoreboard. Found the 3 videos on youtube but have been unable to find the tutorial with schematic and code. Have built a few of your posted tutorials and enjoyed them immensely. Thanks
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Hi Reg,
Never got around to making the tutorial page for this one.  But I will revisit this one soon, make some improvements, like a custom PCB and custom case for it, and will make a new video with a tutorial page as well.

Stay tuned,

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Hi Yvan,

I too am inspired by this awesome tutorial.  I came across it about 6 months ago and couldn't find the full tutorial listings or any other files on this site so I assumed it wasn't going to happen.  I haven't been able to find anything else quite like it anywhere on the Internet so decided to try to build it anyway by studying the 3 videos. 

I started sourcing individual parts, datasheets and pros and cons for using each part.  This task itself proved very informative and this site provides a wealth of information to get these parts up and running.  I've now purchased all the parts and am ready to start putting things together.[biggrin]

I've changed some things slightly due to cost, availability and to reduce needed pins - I'm thinking of increasing number of players and displays in the future but just want to get something up and running first. 

So here's my list of parts:

 Arduino nano V3
 Max7219 8 digit 7-segment display module
 I2C Serial inferface for LCD 1602 (backpack)
 1602 LCD Display module
 4x4 matrix array keypad
 KY040 rotary encoder
 A3 black acrylic perspex

I liked the one pin idea to drive the keypad so tested that on my Uno and also tested the tutorial on MAX7219 countdown timer.  So all the individual parts have been tested with a Uno but not all together yet.

I have no idea how I'm going to make a container out of the perspex but it's shiny and smooth and looks good atm - before I start cutting it!

I'll plod on while we wait for your update.

Many thanks for the original tutorial I've learned a lot already


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So, I finally have a beta version up and running ready for testing..
I had a number of challenges with hardware which turned out to be very noisy switches: the rotary encoder and keypad.  So I decided to use a R/C network and feed the output into a Schmitt trigger(*).  However, after testing the R/C combination it worked fine so I just went with that.  I used the one analog wire (voltage divider) method for the keypad – but still needed to add 200 ms delay to debounce it.
So, I’ve added to the original code slightly for the different components used and added an external pull up resistor (and capacitors) to the rotary switch.  I’m about to put it all in an old Nexus tablet box to demo it…
Thought I’d post the code in case anyone else is interested… 

* R/C to Schmitt trigger seems like the ultimate hardware switch debouncer.  The ky-040 already has 10k pull up resistors on CLK and DT ( ) so I added 1 for the switch and 3x 0.1uf caps to gnd.  On testing I didn’t need the Schmitt trigger...

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I too saw the youtube video, bought all of the parts and realized that the tutorial page wasn't up! I am VERY new to Arduino, but i'm a big darts enthusiast too so i thought if anything was going to help me learn it was this project! 

Thanks Neil for your code, i am sure it will come in handy as i am, at present, very keen on making on of these. I just hope it isn't too much for a first big project.

I will be really i honest, i would love a revisit of this with a full tutorial and schematic that i can follow!

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