Very new to this field of study and fun.  The code for the tutorial "Control a Stepper motor using an Arduino and a Potentiometer" is pretty much just what I am looking for except it uses an Easy driver to control a NEMA 17 stepper motor. 

My setup uses a 28BYH-48 stepper motor plugged in to a ULN2003 stepper motor driver board and Arduino Uno.  Could someone please show me how this code would look without this type motor and driver?  I don't have a DIR pin or a STEP pin and I also have 5 wires.  All I'm looking to do is ultimately set a Max and Minimum position across the potentiometer range.  I plan on hooking the stepper up to a mechanical variable capacitor which is the volume control for a Hammond organ (aka. Expression Pedal).

Thanks in advance...

Codeless In Oregon
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Hi mcmailman, 
There are a few other tutorials that actually use the stepper that you are referring to.
You may have to blend the code from the two tutorials to get what you are looking to do.
This is what I find usually happens, and can take the most time to adapt. 
That however is where most of the ( hard fought for) learning does come from.
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