I've followed the Bescor Remote head tutorial to the T. I have all the exact same hardware, and have used a copy of your code as posted on the project page, yet I have found that the remote head will only follow the inputs of one function when both pins are attached to the nano. Specifically:

RX Ch.2 pin only - tilt works as expected
RX Ch.1 pin only - pan works as expected
Both pins attached to nano- Tilt works as expected, no pan control
Reversing the Ch. pins, tilt works on Ch1, no pan on ch.2

Because of this behavior, I feel there is something in the code that may be off, but as a photographer, and not much of a programmer, I'm at a loss.

Note: I have tried a different receiver, I have tried different pin arrangements, I have used PWM only pins and changed all pins to analogwrite, I've tried everything I can think of . . . I'm at a loss! Someone help?
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